Automatic Renewal Program

Simple. Convenient. Secure

Participate in Houston Society of Otolaryngology automatic renewal program and never miss out on valuable benefits and services. Plus, you will help conserve resources by eliminating paper notices.

As a convenience for members and their administrative staff, the Houston Society of Otolaryngology - Head & Neck Surgery has launched an Auto Renewal program.  When you enroll in the program, your credit card will be stored in a secure database, and your membership dues will be charged annually.

By joining the Automatic Renewal program, you'™re ensuring your membership never lapses so you won'™t miss out on the Houston Society of Otolaryngology - Head & Neck Surgery communication. You're also helping to save the Society's resources and reduce our environmental impact by limiting the number of paper notices we send you.

Each August, you'll receive an email reminder of the upcoming Auto Renewal. Your credit card will be charged before October 1.

If you wish to leave the program at any time, simply fax or email your request prior to September 15.  Refunds will not be issued for requests received after this date.

To enroll, click on the link below to download the Automatic Renewal Program form for submission. If there are any other questions, please call the administrative office at (713) 524-4267 ext. 223 or 224.


The Automatic Renewal Program form

       Renew the Physicians in Your Group with a Single Invoice

For group practices, HSO offers a single invoice for all of the physicians within the group. This benefit helps to reduce your practice administrative burden while ensuring that all physicians in the group continue receiving member benefits without interruption. To enroll your group for this benefit, contact the HSO administrative office at or call   (713) 524-4267 ext. 223.

Residents and Fellows are encouraged to participate in the society and attend educational programs at no cost.